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The Gaia astrometry satellite, planned for launch at the end of 2012, will have a dramatic impact on the definition of the cosmic distance scale as it will provide trigonometric parallaxes, hence geometric distances to unprecedented accuracy of the most powerful "primary" distance indicators thus, in turn, enabling a direct re-calibration of the "secondary" indicators and a global re-assessment of the entire cosmic ladder. At the same time, due to its frequent repeated observations of the sky, Gaia will also have a significant impact revealing the "transient sky" and, most noteworthy, SNe events.
The Conference is meant to bring together experts in the field of the astronomical distance scale, as well as several young scientists, in order to set the status of the art of the cosmic distance ladder "before" Gaia, discuss the extraordinary improvements expected from the mission, and, at the same time, identify preparatory work both on theoretical and empirical sides needed to allow for the full exploitation of Gaia's outcomes. The Conference will provide a reference point of the cosmic distance scale for several years to come, until the completion of the Gaia mission and the full exploitation of the Gaia catalogue.

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Gisella Clementini (INAF-OABo, Italy, Chair) Marcella Marconi (INAF-OACn, Italy, Chair)
Marcella Marconi (INAF-OACn, Italy, co-Chair) Vincenzo Ripepi (INAF-OACn, Italy, co-Chair)
Enzo Brocato (INAF-OATe, Italy, co-Chair) Ilaria Musella (INAF-OACn, Italy, co-Chair)
Wolfgang Gieren (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile) Massimo Dall'Ora (INAF-OACn, Italy)
Martin Groenewegen (ROB, Belgium) Silvio Leccia (INAF-OACn, Italy)
Mario Lattanzi (INAF-OATo, Italy) Rosario Aiello (INAF-OACn, Italy)
Bruno Leibundgut (ESO, Germany) Rossella Cesaro (INAF-OACn, Italy)
Xavier Luri (University of Barcellona, Spain) Romilda Cozzolino (INAF-OACn, Italy)
Abhijit Saha (NOAO, USA) Andrea Di Dato (INAF-OACn, Italy)
Shoko Sakai (UCLA, USA) Maria Teresa Fulco (INAF-OACn, Italy)
Catherine Turon (Obs. de Paris, France) Lucio Pacinelli (INAF-OATe, Italy)
Alistair Walker (CTIO, Chile) Info: esfdistance@oacn.inaf.it