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Presentations (click to download pdf files)

G. Altavilla - Gaia and the discovery of Supernovae.

J.P. Blakeslee - Surface Brightness Fluctuations as Primary and Secondary Distance Indicators

M.T. Botticella - Supernova search and rates with Gaia

M. Cantiello - Improving the cosmological distance scale: SBF and SNeIa inter-calibration

F. Caputo - Distances from RR Lyrae stars

R. Ciardullo - The Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function in the Era of Gaia

J. de Bruijne - Status of the Gaia project

M. Della Valle - Novae as distance indicators in the GAIA era

L. Eyer - Standard candles in the Gaia Perspective

G. Fiorentino - Ultra Long Period Cepheids: a primary standard candle up to the Hubble flow.

J. Fliri - First results from the POMME survey of M31

W. Freedman - Measurements of the Extragalactic Distance Scale

G. Gilmore - Real-time science with Gaia – delivering distance tracers through Gaia Alerts

D. Graczyk - The early type eclipsing binaries as a distance indicator

S. Kanbur - The Possible NonLinearity of the mean light and multiphase Cepheid Wesenheit functions in the Magellanic Clouds

C. Klein - Mid-infrared Period-Luminosity Relations of RR Lyrae Stars Derived from the WISE Preliminary Data Release

R. Kudritzki - Distances to Galaxies from the Brightest Stars in the Universe

L. Macri - SHOES Cepheids: from Anchors to SN hosts

E. Masana - Simulation of the Gaia final catalogue: expectation of the distance estimation

N. Matsunaga - Classical Cepheids found in an IRSF near-IR survey and their impacts

N. Nardetto - The projection factor of Cepheids

C. Ngeow - The Mid-Infrared Period-Luminosity Relations for Classical Cepheids

G. Pietrzynski - Eclipsing binaries as precise distance indicators

G. Raimondo - SBF and Distances: a Theoretical View

M. Rejkuba - Globular cluster luminosity function as distance indicator and comparison with other distance determination methods

A. Riess - Supernovae: from Calibration to Cosmology

V. Ripepi - The distance to the LMC from first results of the VISTA Magellanic Cloud (VMC) Survey

M. Romaniello - The influence of chemical composition on the pulsation properties of Cepheids: theory vs. observations

M. Salaris - "Evolutionary" distance indicators

J. Storm - Calibrating the Cepheid Period-Luminosity relation from the infrared surface brightness technique

L. Szabados - Problems and possibilities in fine-tuning of the Cepheid P-L relationship

G. Tammann - Allan Sandage and the cosmic expansion

C. Turon / X. Luri - Building the cosmic distance scale: from Hipparcos to Gaia

A. Walker - The Large Magellanic Cloud and the Distance Scale

G. Wallerstein - Calibrating the Metallicity of RR Lyrae Stars by Measurement of the CaII Triplet Lines

P. Whitelock - AGB Variables and the Distance Scale