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The Capodimonte Deep Field

Three colour images of the OACDF. The fields cover 0.25 square degrees each. The images were obtained by the combination of the B, V, and R stacked images.The stacked images in the B and V bands were aligned relative to the R-band stacked image and adjusted to a logarithmic intensity scale prior to the combination.

This project uses the ESO MPI 2.2m tel + the wide field camera under guaranteed time of the Capodimonte Observatory to obtain deep multi-color photometry in U,B,V,R + medium band filters in the 750-915nm region on a 0.5 deg2 field in the Corvus region. In addition, a shallow survey was performed in the B,V,R,I bands on a 1 deg2 field.

The Capodimonte Deep Field (OACDF) will provide targets for a variety of extra galactic projects,  such as the detection of distant and/or poor clusters,  high redshift QSOs, and intermediate redshifts galaxies,   with the goal of studying their luminosity functions, colors, clustering and dynamical properties.

This database will also be relevant to Galactic and planetary  studies. This project represents also a unique opportunity for the OAC to heavily test the use and properties of a wide field imager in view of the OAC  use of the VLT Survey Telescope (VST) and, therefore, it is also a pilot survey for the future ones that will be  carried outat the VST.

Some of the OACDF publications can be found here.

last update October 2008