Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte

Corsi di astrofisica in OAC per studenti universitari

Organizzazione del corso
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Programma dei corsi 

Stellar Evolution
* Pre-main sequence evolution
* Nucleosynthesis and the hydrogen-burning Main Sequence
* Post main sequence evolution in low mass stars, GB, AGB, evolution to WDs
* Post main sequence evolution in massive stars, mass-loss, core
collapse supernovae
* The instability strip: RR Lyrae and Cepheid variables
* Outline of evolution in close binary systems

-- Marcella Marconi -- 12 h -- in due settimane

 Mathematical Tools of Data Analysis
* Basics of Programming: Language & styles, Fortran, C, C++, script
languages,astronomical packages IRAF, MIDAS & IDL.
* Statistical Tools:  Regression & fitting, Kolomogrov Test,
survival analysis, percolation Estimators, Student T-test
* Visualization: Graphics packages, styles, N-dimensional
visualization, tips for usage
* Datamining Issus: searches, databases, practical examples
* Using the Web: jargon, style & elements of webpages, web
languages, creating a web page.

-- Patricio Ortiz -- 12 h -- in due settimane

Stellar Populations and Evolution of Galaxies
* Star formation in galaxies, the Madau relation
* Sources of chemical enrichment, Chemical abundance gradients 
in galaxies and the closed-box model.
* Stellar populations
* The colour evolution of galaxies

-- Lucio Buson -- 4 h -- in una settimana -

Observational Cosmology
* First section:
- short historical introduction
- global properties of individual galaxies
- Large Scale Structure

* Second section:
- global properties of galaxy clusters
- a panchromatic view of galaxy clusters
- various tools: K corrections, E corrections, etc.

* Third section:
- the cosmological constants: their meaning
- the cosmological constants: their measure

* Fourth section:
- scaling laws
- correlation functions
- Cosmic Microwave Background radiation

-- Peppe Longo -- 12 h -- in due settimane

Galactic Dynamics
* The structure of Disk galaxies, bulges, exponential disk,
vertical structure of disk, halo (MA)
* HI observations, maximal disk models, evidence for dark matter (MA)
* Stability of galactic disks, Toomre criterion (MA)
* Scaling Laws (GB)
* Galactic mergers & Polar ring galaxies (MA)

-- Magda Arnaboldi -- 6 h in una settimana
-- Gianni Busarello -- 4 h in una settimana

High Energy Astrophysics
* Non-thermal and thermal emission processes from hot plasma: thermal
bremsstrahlung and black-body emissions, cyclotron radiation,
synchrotron emission, Compton and inverse compton scattering
* Compact objects: White Dwarfs, neutron stars and Black Holes
* Accretion processes onto compact objects
* Energetic processes in galactic X-ray sources: outflows and jets

-- Domitilla de Martino -- 6 h -- in due settimane

 Active Galaxies
* Observational evidence of Black Holes in Galaxies
* The Bulge Mass: Black Hole Mass: stellar velocity dispersion
* Types of AGN and the Unified Model
* Emission Line Spectra of Narrow Line Regions
* Observations of jets from Active Galaxies

-- Agatino Rifatto --

Cosmic Dust
* Observational evidence for grains.
* Stardust formation, in oxygen-rich and carbon-rich environments
* The optical properties of dust: Extinction, scattering,
* Grain photoheating, charging, radiation pressure effects
* Grain destruction and growth processes in the interstellar medium

-- Vito Mennella -- 12 h -- in due settimane

Instruments for Modern astrophysics
* Large Telescope design:  Optical systems, mirror manufacture &
support systems, adaptive and active optics, Serrurier Truss, vibrational
* Telesope software and control systems
* Principles of spectrographs, gratings & filters
* Detectors for the UV, visible and IR.
* Practical applications.

-- Schipani
-- Brescia  -- 6 h in una settimana --
-- Cascone