NATO Advanced Research Workshop on WHITE DWARFS


Session 1: White Dwarf Structure and Evolution
L.G. Althaus, A. Serenelli Evolution of a 3 Mo Star from the Main Sequence to the ZZ Ceti Stage: the Role Played by Element Diffusion
G. Imbriani, I. Dominguez, L. Gialanella, O. Straniero, F. Terrasi for ERNA collaboration. New Measurement of ^12C(alpha,gamma)^16O Reaction Rate and Impact on Stellar Evolution
J. Isern, E. Garcia-Berro, M. Hernanz, M. Salaris The Star Formation Rate from White Dwarfs
S. Kawaler, J. Burkett, S. Hostler The Origins of White Dwarf Rotation Velocities - Angular Momentum Evolution within AGB Stars
A. Serenelli, L.G. Althaus, R. Rohrman Helium-core White Dwarfs with Low Metallicity Progenitors: Ages and Colours
Session 3: Subdwarf B stars
A. Ahmad, C.S. Jeffery, V.M. Woolf Atmospheric Analyses of Helium-rich subdwarf B stars: Are They Products of He+He White Dwarf Mergers ?
R. Aznar Cuadrado, C.S. Jeffery Physical Parameters for subdwarf B stars with Composite Spectra
P. Chayer, B. Green, G. Fontaine, R. Saffer MMT Blue Spectrograph Observations of sdB Stars: Heavy Element Abundances
H. Edelmann, U. Heber, C. Karl Radial Velocity Variations and Metal Abundances of Three Bright sdB Stars
E. Green, I. Seitenzahl, K. Callerame, B. White, E. Hyde, G. Milone Preliminary Results from CCD Monitoring of Light Curves of subdwarf B Stars
P.F.L. Maxted, T.R. Marsh, L. Morales-Rueda Companions to sdB Stars - Degenerate or Non-Degenerate ?
V.M. Woolf, C.S. Jeffery, D. Pollacco Spectroscopic Studies of the Pulsating sdB Binary PG1336-018
R. Oreiro Rey, A. Ulla, J.M. Gonzalez Perez et al. Hot subdwarfs: further photometric observations of pulsating and non pulsating objects
S. Zola, P. Niarchos, R. Ostensen Temperature of the Cool Dwarfs in Three eclipsing Systems with a sdB Component: HW Vir, PG1336-018 and HS0705+6700
N. Hammer, J.L. Deetjen, S. Dreizler, K. Werner, J.W. Kruk Analysis of the FUSE spectrum of the sdOB EC11481-2303
Session 4: Atmospheres and Chemical Composition
N.F. Allard, G. Hebrard, I. Hubeny, S. Lacour, R. Ferlet, A. Vidal-Madjar Quasi-Molecular Satellites in Cool White Dwarfs; Application to FUSE Observations of G231-40
P. Dufour, F. Wesemael, P. Bergeron Hot Helium-Line White Dwarf Below the DB Gap
J. Dupuis, P. Chayer, J. Kruk, S. Vennes Abundance Patterns in Hot DA Atmospheres from FUSE
M. Kilic, D.E. Winget, T. von Hippel, D. Lester, D. Saumon Search for Oxygen in the Cool DQ WD Atmospheres
R. Lamontagne, P. Chayer, F. Wesemael, G. Fontaine, M. Billeres, A. LeCarpentier FUSE Observations of the Peculiar Hot sdO Star MCT 0019-2441
M. Ramspeck, U. Heber, S. Moehler, I.N. Reid Spectral Analyses of Supra Horizontal Branch Stars in Globular Clusters
F. Wesemael, C. Hunter, P. Bergeron, R.A. Saffer, A. Beauchamp The Hydrogen Content of DB White Dwarfs
K. Werner, J.W. Kruk, M.L. Sitko FUSE spectroscopy of the two prototype WD showing signatures of a super-hot wind
Session 5: Magnetic White Dwarfs
C. Brinkworth, T.R.Marsh, P.F.L.Maxted, L. Ferrario, L. Morales-Rueda, D.T. Wickramasinghe WD1953-011 - A White Dwarf with a Star Spot ?
I. Bues, L. Karl-Dietze Long-term Flux Variations in the Magnetic White Dwarf LHS 2293 ?
F. Euchner, S. Jordan, K. Beuermann Zeeman Tomography of Magnetic White Dwarfs I
F. Euchner, K. Reinsch, S. Jordan, K. Beuermann Zeeman Tomography of Magnetic White Dwarfs II
S. Friedrich, S. Jordan, D. Koester, Do Magnetic Fields Prevent Hydrogen from Accreting on to Cool Metal-line White Dwarfs ?
V. Kryvdyk Electromagnetic Radiation from the Accretion-Induced Collapse of a white Dwarf.
I.V. Oreshina, A.V.Oreshina, B.V.Somov Magnetic Reconnection in the Accretion Disk Corona of a Compact Star
A. Serber, E.Gospodchikov Cyclotron Emission Features in Polars with Low Accretion Rates
V.V. Zheleznyakov, A. Serber, Transfer of Cyclotron Radiation in Plasmas on Magnetic White Dwarfs
Session 6: Variable White Dwarfs
P.Brassard, G. Fontaine Asteroseismology of the Pulsating DB White Dwarf GD358 Based on More Realistic Evolutionary Models
P.A. Bradley Analysis of Long-Term Single-Site Observations of the Pulsating DB White Dwarf GD358
A.H. Corsico, L.G. Althaus, O.G. Benvenuto, A.M. Serenelli The Mode Trapping Properties of Full DA White Dwarf Evolutionary Models
J.L. Deetjen, T. Nagel, S. Dreizler, S.L. Schuh, G. Handler, M.S. O'Brien and the Whole Earth Telescope (Xcov 22) Collaboration Preliminary Results of the WET Campaign Xcov 22 @ Calar Alto Observatory
J.-N. Fu, G. Vauclair, N. Dolez, S.-Y. Jiang, M. Chevreton Towards Understanding Another Cool DAV: G255-2
A. Kanaan Search for Magnetic Fields among Non-Pulsators in the DAV Instability Strip
D. Koester, B. Wolff, M. Montgomery, D. Winget 3He/4He Ratio in Variable DB White Dwarfs
D. Koester, C. Weidner Non-linear Effects in Time-resolved Spectra of Variable White Dwarfs
R. Kotak, M.H. van Kerkwijk, J.C. Clemens, D. Koester Time-resolved Optical Spectroscopy of the Pulsating White Dwarf GD 358
Session 7: White Dwarfs in Binaries
I.L. Andronov, L.L.Chinarova Variations of the Outburst Characteristics of the Dwarf Nova RU Peg
M. Burleigh, S. Good, M. Barstow, J. Holberg FUSE Observations of Sirius-like Binaries
J.B. Holberg An Improved Visual Orbit for Sirius
F. Mullally, A. Mukadam, D. Winget Detection of Planets around HDAV White Dwarf Stars
V. Pustynski, I. Pustylnik Modeling the Irradiated Atmospheres of unevolved companions in PreCataclysmic Binaries (PCB): Estimating Consequences and Observable Manifestations of Thermal Instability
F. Scaltriti, S.J. Katajainen, V. Piirola Seven Years Photopolarimetry of the AM Her system V834 Cen
D. Sing, J.B. Holberg, S. Howell, M.A. Barstow, M. Burleigh, S. Good HS1136+6646: A Bright Post-CE Pre Cataclysmic Variable System Containing an Extremely Hot DAO WD + K6V
D. Townsley, L. Bildsten The Colors and Seismology of White Dwarfs in Low Accretion Rate Binaries
R. Zamanov, V. Stanishev, P. Marziani, N. Tomov Mass of the White Dwarfs in T CrB and Variability of the Accretion Disk
R. Zamanov, P. Marziani Similarity between Emission Lines of Accreting WD and Quasars
T. Nagel, S. Dreizler, K. Werner Accretion disk models for Cataclysmic Variables
D. de Martino White Dwarfs in Asynchronous Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Session 8: Cool White Dwarfs, WD populations, Astrometry and Surveys
D. Carollo, B. Bucciarelli, S.T. Hodgkin, M.G. Lattanzi, B.J. McLean, R.L. Smart, A. Spagna Search for Ancient Cool White Dwarfs in the Galactic Halo using GSC2 material
L. Formiggini Hidden Subluminous Stars among the FAUST UV sources toward OPHIUCHUS
H. Harris for SDSS Collaboration Unusual White Dwarfs Found in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
M. Kilic, D.E. Winget, T. von Hippel, C.F. Claver Identification of Cool White Dwarfs in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey
S.J. Kleinman, T. Takato, A. Nitta, J. Krzesinski White Dwarfs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Photometry)
A. Nitta, S. J. Kleinman, J. Krzesinski White Dwarfs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Spectroscopy)
N.M. Silvestri, T.D. Oswalt, S.L. Hawley The Kinematics of White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries: Thin Disk, Thick Disk, or Halo ?
R. Silvotti, J.M. Alcala`, E. Garcia Berro, D. de Martino, J. Isern, M. Capaccioli Search for White Dwarfs in the Capodimonte Deep Field
J.A. Smith, T.D. Oswalt, M. Wood A Lower Limit to the Age of the Galaxy from the White Dwarf Luminosity Function
S. Torres, E. Garcia-Berro, J. Isern The White Dwarf Population Accessible to GAIA
Session 9: Current and Future Space and Ground-Based Observing Facilities
M. Barstow and the APEX team The APEX High Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
M. Barstow and the WSO team The World Space Observatory

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