The workshop proceedings will be published in the NATO Science Series II - Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry by the Kluwer Academic Publishers.

The page limits for contributions are:
Talk: 4 Pages
Poster: 2 Pages

Due to the reduced number of pages and following the Kluwer prescriptions, poster contributors may decide if to include or not the abstract, whereas for the talk contributors we suggest to include an abstract.

To ensure a fast publication of the proceedings, deadline for manuscript submission is
September 10, 2002.

Here we provide the Consent to Publish and Transfer of Copyright form as well as the Author's Data Base Entry sheet . Please fill in, sign and return to the LOC these forms during the conference. These are requested by Kluwer Academic Publishers for each paper manuscript. The forms will be also provided at the registration desk.

Paper contributions have to be prepared according to NATO Series instructions, using the Kluwer LaTeX style file (CRCKAPB.sty). An example of LaTeX file will give you information on manuscript preparation.

Please use your name, plus a number if you have more than one contribution, to identify your LaTeX file and Encapsulated PostScript figures, e.g. Chandrasekhar1.tex, Chandrasekhar1_f1.eps, Chandrasekhar1_f2.eps etc.. .

Submit your LaTeX file and Encapsulated PostScript figures via anonymous ftp at the following address:
cd pub/incoming/WD2002/
and upload your LaTeX and gzipped Encapsulated PostScript figures. Please send also an e-mail to Roberto Silvotti and Domitilla de Martino informing that your paper has been delivered. You will receive an e-mail by us acknowledging the correct processing of your LaTeX file. Please do not send your files directly by e-mail but upload them into the anonymous ftp area .


For any problem please contact Roberto Silvotti and Domitilla de Martino