Useful numbers

site coordinates:
40° 49' 04"     lat. N
15° 27' 48"     long. E
1250m a.s.l.
TTSC's Detector carcteristics and filters
Pixel size 24 μm
Scale (arcsec/pix) 0.379
CCD size 2048x2048
Field (arcmin)² 12.94x12.94
Johnson/Cousin Filters U, B, V, R, I
Gunn Filters u, v, g, r, i, z

TTSC Exposure Time Calculator

Here you can retrieve an exe file in order to calculate the exposure time for your target.

If you have problems or any questions feel free to contact us tt1@oacn.inaf.it

Object Seasonal Observability
by Brian Casey, using Skycalc by John Thorstensen
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