tt1 dome

site coordinates:
40° 49' 04"     lat. N
15° 27' 48"     long. E
1250m a.s.l.

The Toppo Telescope #1 (TT1) is located at the Toppo of Castelgrande (PZ), at about two hours (by car) from the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, Naples.
The Toppo of Castelgrande is at 1250 meters a.s.l. on a peak of the Appennino in the Basilicata Region. It is about 10 km far from Castelgrande town (Pz).

The complete address is:

Osservatorio Astronomico di Castelgrande
Contrada Macchia snc
85050 Castelgrande
tel 0976.476347
fax 0976.470210
e-mail fondazione-foac at

Observations at TT1 can be proposed through the local Time Allocation Commitee.

This site is under costruction and it will be update frequently, so stay tuned!