Information for visitors

Visiting astronomers are kindly requested to arrive at the observation station within 12 a.m. of the starting day of observing run, in order to have enough time for the accommodation at the guesthouse, if previously requested, and for checking the telescope setup.
Guesthouse accommodation is free of charge for observers.
At the station's altitude of 1250 m. a.s.l., the climate is tipical of a mountain site, with fresh summers and cold winters, with the possibility of snow and ice on the roads. Observers should be equipped with suitable clothes. Rubber soled shoes are suggested inside the telescope building.
For further informations visitors can refer to

A local area network connects all the instruments computers and a PC running Linux is operating at the TT1, as well as providing an Internet connection.
Scientific software packages (IRAF, MIDAS, IDL) are available for quick looks and data reduction.
The standard data export media are DVD-ROM and/or CD-ROM.
Any other requirement should be presented in advance and agreed upon with the station staff

Obseration Policy

Observations at TT1 take place with the presence of a night assistant.
The astronomer takes the responsibility of managing the scientific observations.
The night assistant has the full responsibility of

  • correctly operating the telescope and the focal plane instrumentation

  • verifying the existence of suitable weather conditions for observing

Weather conditions for observing are reported in the table below

Wind speed (Km/h) > 40 Dome must be closed
Relative humidity (%) < 70 Telescope can operate
" from 70 to 75 Operations with caution - check umidity frequently
" >75 Telescope mirror cover must be closed
" >80 Dome must be closed