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"Vo-Day ... in Tour"
Napoli - INAF OACN
09-10th February 2010

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(last update: December 14, 2009)


INAF-OATs, in collaboration with INAF-SI (VObs.it), several INAF sections and italian Universities, is organizing a series of "one-and-a-half-day" workshops, called VO-days, devoted to the scientific application of Virtual Observatory (VO) techniques and tools. The VO-days will be held in different italian institutions (more information at the page: http://wwwas.oats.inaf.it/voday/).

The Napoli VO-day, jointly organized by the local section INAF-OACN and the Department of Physics of the University of Napoli Federico II, will take place on 09-10th February 2010. There is "no hard-coded" deadline, so if you want to partecipate (registration is free!), please send a mail to the members of the LOC.

The list of partecipants, regularly updated, can be found here.
Check back later for news, instructions and updates!



INAF-OACN, Salita Moiariello 16, Napoli.



  • LOC:
    • Massimo Brescia (INAF - OACN) [brescia AT oacn.inaf.it]
    • Enrica Iodice (INAF - OACN) [iodice AT oacn.inaf.it]
    • Giuseppe Longo (Dip. di Fisica, Univ. Federico II) [longo AT na.infn.it]
    • Thomas Straus (INAF - OACN) [straus AT oacn.inaf.it]


Programme (preliminary):



Main Tutors:

  • U. Becciani (INAF - OACt)
  • M. Brescia (INAF - OACn)
  • G. Iafrate (INAF - OATs)
  • M. Molinaro (INAF - OATs)

Additional Tutors:

  • S. Cavuoti (Dip. Fisica)
  • R. D'Abrusco (Dip. Astrofisica, Università di Padova)
  • O. Laurino (INAF)



Here you can find the software needed to manage the "Use Cases" that will be presented during the workshop.

Other tools you might want to have a look at (but they will not be used during the tutorials) are the following:

For an exhaustive list of VO tools and services and their functionalities, have a look at the dedicated EURO-VO pages while, if you want more VO "Use Cases", have a look at the dedicated EURO-VO Scientific Workflows page.


List of partecipants (last update December 14, 2009):

  1. M. Annunziatella
  2. C. Barbarino
  3. S. Cavuoti
  4. G. Covone
  5. E. De Filippis
  6. E. Iodice
  7. A. Limone
  8. A. Mercurio
  9. A. Monna
  10. M. Paolillo
  11. M. Radovich
  12. T. Straus