Astroinformatics – 2023

Astroinformatics 2023 aspires to continue the successful series of meetings over the last decade have attracted researchers engaged in the processing of astronomical data using modern computational methods. The scientific exchange between the astronomical and computational worlds is, as always, the main focus of the event.

This year, the workshop will focus on the new scenarios opened by the emerging deep learning and AI methodologies. During the 5 days meeting, specific sessions will be devoted to:

  • Data challenges from ongoing and future projects;
  • Generative AI and Explainable AI in Astrophysics;
  • Novel AI applications;
  • The evolving computing landscape (HPC and quantum);
  • AI-assisted discovery of analytical relations in the data;
  • Methodological transfer.

The meeting is structured around invited talks with some space for contributed talks and ample space for posters. Panel discussions on selected topics will be organised at the end of each session.

The meeting proceedings will be published in a special issue of Frontiers.