Machine Learning Applications for Galaxies in Large-Scale Sky Surveys  

We are glad to announce the upcoming Astromeeting Seminar scheduled for June 28th at 11:30 CEST. The seminar will take place in Auletta Piazzi and will also be accessible remotely.
The speaker will be Rui Li from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Title Machine Learning Applications for Galaxies in Large-Scale Sky Surveys  
Astronomy has entered the era of sky survey and Big data. In fields such as Cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, previous generations of sky surveys (SDSS, KIDS, DES, HSC, etc.) have brought us many important achievements. However, there are still many unresolved issues. Now, the stage-4 large-scale sky surveys is about to begin, providing us with high-quality photometric imaging of billions of galaxies and spectral data of tens of millions of galaxies. These galaxies span a history from 1 billion years after the Big Bang to 13.7 billion years now, and will undoubtedly bring us new insights into galaxy formation, structure, and evolution.
The data volume of the fourth generation sky survey will show explosive growth, which arise a great challenge to traditional data processing methods. We are developing a data processing program based on machine learning to quickly and accurately classify objects, obtain the basic parameters of galaxies (redshift, structural parameters, stellar population parameters, etc.), and search for special galaxies (strong gravitational lensing, UDGs, blue/red nuggets). We also use the obtained parameters and discovered specific galaxies to study the structure and evolution of galaxies, as well as the dark matter in galaxies. Currently, based on the data from the Kilo Degree Survey(KIDS), we have implemented large-scale applications of these programs.

We will gather at 11:15 in Aula De Ritis, located right in front of Auletta Piazzi, for coffee & cookies.

For those who prefer to join remotely, please access the Meet platform using the following link:

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